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  • Stingray Airo Hydrofoil


    The Stingray Airo Hydrofoil is the newest product in the StingRay Hydrofoil product line. StingRay’s AIRO Hydrofoil was created to satisfy the market demand for a versatile, 2-piece hydrofoil capable of fitting engine sizes as small as 4HP found on inflatables, smaller tenders, and jon boats while still benefiting larger engines up to 350HP.

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  • Stingray Classic Pro Hydrofoil


    The Stingray Classic Pro Hydrofoil is the latest extension of the StingRay Classic Hydrofoil Series. The StingRay Classic, Pro was inspired by the iconic shape of the StingRay Classic Series, but it has been technologically refined to enhance performance while minimizing installation effort.

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  • Stingray Classic Senior Hydrofoil

    From: R2,859

    The Stingray Classic Senior Hydrofoil is engineered to blast all boat types out of the hole quicker than ever before, and keep boats on plane at lower speeds – leading to significant fuel savings! Porpoising, chinewalking, cavitation, and ventilation are reduced or eliminated – stabilizing the boat and providing a safer and more comfortable ride.

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  • Stingray Starfire Hydrofoil


    The Stingray Starfire Hydrofoil was the hydrofoil model that pioneered the use of set screws to accomplish StingRay’s patented “NO-Drill” installation method. Additionally, it was the world’s first hydrofoil model to feature “NO-Drill / Optional-Drill” installation.

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  • Stingray Stealth Hydrofoil


    The Stingray Stealth Hydrofoil is the world’s first and only dual angle-of-attack hydrofoil. This feature alone allows boaters to experience optimal performance at all throttle ranges.

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  • Stingray Stinger Hydrofoil


    The Stingray Stinger Hydrofoil was designed as the upgrade for the Classic JR model in aesthetics, performance, and HP application range. The StingRay Stinger provides significant lift to smaller boats and engine setups while providing larger boat and engine setups with improved holeshots and maximum top-end speed.

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  • Stingray XRIII Senior Hydrofoil


    The Stingray XRIII Senior Hydrofoil was the first NO-Drill hydrofoil model in the industry. The StingRay XRIII was designed to utilize the torque tab or sacrificial anode to secure the hydrofoil to the engine without the need for drilling any holes.

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